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Fides makelaars are affiliated with ERA and NVM

Because Fides makelaars (realtors) values quality and continuity, we are affiliated with ERA and NVM for more than 20 years.

ERA: Service and fast and good sales results

Thanks to the well thought out marketing formula of ERA we know how to market our houses in an appealing way to house seekers. For every house we get for sale, we determine which marketing instruments are most suitable for the sale of this is house to come to a fast and good sales result. Moreover, ERA inspires her members to remain innovative and service oriented. We are happy to hear that our clients experience that with us.

NVM: Codes of conduct and extensive market information

As member of NVM Fides makelaars (realtors) guarantees reliability, independency and professionality from all employees. We are held by the NVM code of honor. Moreover, the NVM offers its members exclusive access to extensive (market)information on houses, neighborhoods and places. This provides us with fantastic background information with which we can advise you properly.

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